Welcome to your new life (2022)
Based on the tragic story of a woman who has been living under concealed names and police protection for decades due to her violent husband, Welcome to your new life attempts to visualize by giving instructions on how to leave.

We Imagine it Magical (2022)
A labyrinth of white curtains extends symmetrically, akin to a temple, bridging the urban landscape to the depths of the sea within the exhibition space. A person serves healing clay mixed with water.

Traces (2020)
Single-channel video, 11min
Traces unfolds itself gradually, from the urban architecture to the sculptural landscape of a territory marked by the sea, alternating an objective point of view with the intuitve mindset of children’s experiences and dreams.

As If Biting Iron (2019)
Two-channel video, 7min
What if women could move a house? As If Biting Iron challenges this very question by witnessing the walls of a brutalist building, situated in a forest, being moved by the forces of over one hundred anonymous women.