Exhibition (E) solo (SE) / Screening (S) / Project (P) / Performance (F)

24/01 - 24/03
Përpara, Scanning the region, Galeria 17, curated by Ilir Bajri, Prishtina, XK (E)

02/12 - 29/01/2023
A Glittering Ruin Sucked Upwards, Gosset Site, curated by Yann Chateigné Tytelman, Brussels, BE (E) more

24/11 - 13/01/2023
The Best of, Ron Mandos Young Blood Foundation, Statenpassage Tweede Kamer, curated by Radek Vana, Den Haag, NL (E)

13/05 - 16/05
Open Studios, Higher Institute of Fine Arts,
Gent, BE (SE)

05/05 - 29/05
Architects of Identity by The Orchid and the Wasp, NDSM Fuse, curated by Maud Oonk,
Amsterdam, NL (E)

16/11 - 18/11
Loop Barcelona, Galerie Ron Mandos,
Barcelona, ES (E)

11/11 - 14/11
Visite #9 We fight back, Het Bos, curated by
De Imagerie, Antwerpen, BE (E)

22/10 - 29/10 Frans Masereel Centrum,
Kasterlee, BE (P)

Kaleidoskop. Fragmente. Im Kino:
und Bühne, invited by CineCollective, Vienna, AT (S)

17/09 - 20/09
Open Studios, Higher Institute of Fine Arts,
Gent, BE (SE)

18/07 - 31/08
Spacial Disruption, SIGN,
Groningen, NL (P)

24/06 - 18/07
The HISK Affair, Gosset site,
Brussels, BE (E)

18/06 - 31/07
PUT YOUR FINGER, Galerie Emila Filly,
Usti Nad Labem, CZ (E)

08/06 - 13/06
Diagonale’21, Festival of Austrian Film,
Graz, AT (S)

12/05 - 02/07
Inframince infra-mince infra mince, Heiligenkreuzerhof, curated by Gudrun Ratzinger und Franz Thalmair,
Vienna, AT (E)

Open Day, Gerrit Rietveld Academie,
Amsterdam, NL (online) (S)

11/11 - 18/11
IFFBHLA, Bosnia-Herzegowina Looks
Around, Bottrop, DE (online) (S)

30/10 - 03/11
Started ‘20, Coronadisplay at Berlinskej
Model, organised by Pavel Vančat,
with Lenka Glisnikova and Oded Arad, Prag, CZ (E)

17/09 - 23/12
CHANGE, Fondation Francès,
Senlis, FR (E)

19/09 - 25/09
TIFF, Tirana International Film Festival,
Tirana, AL (online) (S)

28/08 - 19/09
Manifesta 13 Les Parall les du Sud,
Marseille, FR (E)

10/07 - 27/08
Traces, Manifesta 13 Les Parall les du Sud,
with Marvin Kanas, Marseille, FR (P)

05/08 - 13/08
Dokufest, Prizren, XK (online) (S)

26/06 - 17/07
Kaleidoskop 2020. Fragmente. Film und
Freiluft am Karlsplatz, Vienna, AT (E)

Distance #1, Magacin u Kraljevića
Marka 4-8, invited by Alex Murray, Belgrade, SR (S)

18/01 - 08/03
Jong Talent, Artphy,
Onstwedde, NL (E)

31/01 - 01/03
Startpoint Prize, Arti et Amicitiae,
Amsterdam, NL (E)

11/12 - 19/12
Startpoint Prize, Kovomat,
Krenova 6, Brno, CZ (E)

12/12 - 19/01
Startpoint Prize, Holesovicka trznice,
Hala 17, Prague, CZ (E)

27/07 - 31/08
Best of Graduates, Ron Mandos Galerie,
Amsterdam NL (E)

03/07 - 07/07
As If Biting Iron, Gerrit Rietveld Academie,
Amsterdam, NL (SE)

Kajetan, Kinkerstraat 80, invited by
Kajetan Uranitsch, Amsterdam, NL (F)

27/03 - 30/03
Take a Walk on the Wild Side. Fabulating
Alternative Imaginaries in Art and Life,
Rietveld Uncut, Stedelijk Museum,
Amsterdam, NL (E)

22/03 - 29/03
My Dreams Collection, M4 Gastatelier,
with Maria Nolla and Johan Roelofs,
Amsterdam, NL (E)

17/02 - 24/02
Schnee von Gestern, Rietveld Pavilion,
with Tim Neutel und Michael Broschmann,
Amsterdam, NL (E)

22/11 - 16/12
Aquarell Room, Show me tomorrow,
I will go there, invited by HISK Laureates,
Gent, BE (E)

20/06 - 22/06
Goodbye, Wotruba Atelier,
Rustenschacherallee 2-4, Vienna, AT (E)

20/05 - 24/05
Noisy Walls, Tourniairestraat 1/3, organised
by Michael Broschmann, Lukasz Matuszewski,
Emma Nantermoz, Johan Roelofs,
Amsterdam, NL (E)

Titanic, Gerrit Rietveld Academie,
Amsterdam, NL (E)

Research 03/05 – 28/09
Field Research 01/09 - 30/09
[A]fa Nubuke Wa, Project Lab, organised by Baerbel Mueller and Jürgen Strohmayer invited by Nubuke Foundation Ghana, Wa, GH (P) more

10/08 - 11/10
Stephanie Rizaj, Cafe Else, invited by
Roland Schweizer, Vienna, AT (E)

28/06 - 11/07
Grenzerfahrungen, Alte Post, curated by
Angela Stief, in the context of
The Essence 17, Vienna, AT (E)

Ende Gelände, Westbahnstrasse 56,
organised by Conny Frischauf,
Vienna, AT (E)

[A]fa Lagos Legacy, organised by Baerbel Mueller, Stefanie Theuretzbacher and Legacy 1995, Nigerian Railway Compound in Ebute-Metta, Lagos, NG (E) more

22/10 - 29/10
City Rules II, Lichtenberg Studios,
organised by Roman Pfeffer, Berlin, DE (P)

How to be trained as an artist, open house,
University of Applied Arts Vienna, AT (E)

21/09 - 25/09
Parallel Vienna, Alte Post, invited by
Tim Hartmann, Vienna, AT (E) more

01/07 - 15/07
MUD, Alte Post, curated by Sarah Ortmeyer, in the context of The Essence 16, Vienna, AT (E) more

25/05 - 12/06
Juxtapositionen, Salon für Kunstbuch
im 21er Haus, organised by Franz Thalmair,
Vienna, AT (E) more

EXPO 2005/ Istanbul Modern,
curated by E++, Istanbul, TR (E) more

Curtainwall, open house,
University of Applied Arts Vienna, AT (E)

Some is Missing, Künstlerhaus,
organised by David Moises, in the context of
The Essence 15, with Luca Kieser, Vienna, AT (E)

13/05 - 28/05
M-Raum, Galerie Kunstbuero,
Vienna, AT (E)

Austrian Fashion Auction,Vienna MQ Fashion Week, invited by Austrian Fashion Association, Vienna, AT (F)

19/07 - 03/10
Symбиоза, organised by EASA
European Architecture Student Association,
Velico Tarnovo, BG (P)

26/06 - 10/06
Sworn Virgin, PARK-Concept Store,
Vienna, AT (SE)

LastShow, Grelle Forelle,
Vienna, AT (F)

Frühlingserwachen, Best of Mode,
Kammerspiele Linz, AT (F)

14/06 - 27/06
Van der Raum, Samstag Shop,
Margaretenstra e 46, Vienna, AT (E)

07/06 - 13/06
Behind the Scenes, Neubaugasse 44,
organised by Eva Zar, Vienna, AT (E)

BFGU-BUNKA Fashion Show,
Tokyo, JP (F)

01/06 - 23/06
Rudolfsheim observation, Reuenthalgasse, invited by Madeleine Nostitz-Rieneck, in the context of Wir sind Wien Festival der Bezirke, Vienna, AT (E)

Azubis 02 present the convention, Marx Media Vienna, organised by fabrics_interseason, curated by Jakob Lena Knebl, Salvatore Viviano, Tanja Widmann and Maria Ziegelböck, Vienna, AT (F)

Public collections
Voorlinden Museum, NL
Wien Museum, AT

Grants and Awards
Theodor Körner Prize, AT
Stipendium for Dance and Performance, Arts and Culture Division of the Federal Chancellery of Austria, AT

Emanuel und Sofie Fohn Stipendium, AT

Startpoint Prize, EU
Ron Mandos Young Blood Award, Amsterdam, NL
Berlagefonds, Gerrit Rietveld Academie, Amsterdam, NL

Scholarship, Austrian Fashion Association, AT

Startstipendium, Arts and Culture Division of the Federal Chancellery of Austria, AT
Nominee Austrian Fashion Award, AT


2017-2019 Fine Arts, Gerrit Rietveld
Academie, Amsterdam, NL

2015-2018 TransArts, University of
Applied Arts Vienna, AT

2010-2015 Fashion Design, University
of Art and Design Linz , AT

2008-2010 Architecture, Vienna
University of Technology, AT

2021 - 2022 HISK, Higher Institute
of Fine Arts, Gent, BE